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24 Axis PWM motion control board R&D Successfully

Update Time:2018-06-09 21:19:18Read:5803 nos
24 Axis PWM motion control board ,support network expansion to control 240 Axis servo motors or stepper motors.

Today, we are glad to announce that our 24 Axis PWM motion control board R&D was successfully completed PCB design and firmware design by our R&D Team within 45days. This product will be applied for our hexapod walking robot as lower computer board.

This motion control is using RJ45 connect to the computer. Using FPAG+ ARM base.

It could expand with the same board not limited to 10 pcs by RJ45, which means it support 240 Axis  (motors) control on both stepper or BLDC

This motion control board combines with 48 Input and 16 Output , which support  more I/O extension. In a normal practice ,we test the I/O for arround 3000 number in an automation factory in Dong Guang, China.

Refer to Research Gate

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